Saturday, October 31, 2015

Day Eight: Bad Ambassador

Three minutes and twenty three seconds. This is the length of the recorded Sermon from this morning's Mass. It will be available on YouTube shortly.

Bishop Ambrose, also known as Father Moran, or the Purple Poser in some circles, said Mass this morning for the seminarians. After Mass, he joined the seminarians at breakfast. He left for the airport not long after.

I regret not having more time to speak with him, and not having enough time to ask some of the questions I have received and have seen on various forums.

While I have seen the documents sent by the Toronto Eparchy, and the photographs, I must continue my research. The Eparchy has apparently released a letter that contradicts their archive's information. My work is far from over. Any contradictory information should be analyzed carefully, and weighed against all other data.

It is important to keep personal bias out at all times. To do otherwise would be a detriment to the resistance as a whole. The truth must be represented in whole, without corruption or interpretation.
I interpreted the documents from the Eparchy as concrete evidence, that these documents proved the veracity of Ambrose's ordination and incardination. Typically, certificates and documents such as these are fairly solid proof. This case, however, calls for further scrutiny, due to the allegations made against Ambrose.
This must wait until Monday, for tomorrow is a Sunday, and a feast day.

Sometimes, it is good to be a doubting Thomas. One must not take everything at face value. I hope to get some answers this week.

The seminary is quiet, and all have gone to bed. It has been a busy week for everyone. This is a good bunch of seminarians, and they will do well this year. I hope they will continue to receive the support and encouragement to follow the will of God, whatever this may be.


  1. On another forum a poster stated that priests should not lead bishops, but the other way around. When Bishop Williamson was expelled from the Society that he lived and breathed for, he soon found himself thrown among two exuberant priests. There used to be an ad some years ago advertising a famous pen: "The white dot tells you it's a Sheaffer." Now we had this jingle: "The red sash tells Bishop Williamson to make us bishops."

    Of these two priests an SSPX priest once preached: "They have never lasted more than two years at any posting without having had to be removed." You can discount the Asia District which was the hibernation ground for priests who couldn't last more than two years elsewhere. In Asia, a priest could do what he liked as long as he didn't disturb the travel arrangements of the then district superior. But even in this backwater there were some ripples. One of these priests was removed as Prior of the St Bartholomew Priory in Mumbai after 8 months in the job and sent to Illoilo. The other was also moved from the Philippines and sent to Palayamkottai. A reason given was that this Great Architect demolished a perfectly good stone set of communion rails donated by a Filipino benefactor and replaced them with wooden ones. But even the district superior, in between changes of aircraft, had to heed the loud protest of the benefactor and take action.But the removals and expulsions were intra district - not to areas where these two priests would not last more than two years.
    Maybe these two priests will one day be made bishops. It would be most fitting if Archbishop Ambrose does the job. I have two mottoes for consideration. Each can select either one, no problem.
    1. To build you must destroy!
    2. Pay up and shut up and I'm alright Jack!

  2. Ambrose continues to offer Mass in Kentucky, proving that these priests and their conclusions can't be trusted. The faithful are being lied to that an "investigation continues". If you haven't concluded that Ambrose is real and there is an investigation being conducted, then he shouldn't be offering Sacraments. And those people who are still on board with the Kentucky operation have to be really naive or faithless.

    Instead of promoting your worldwide Rosary crusades, you should promote reparation for the despicable sacrileges being committed against Our Lord in Kentucky. Technically, it is idolatry if he is not a true priest of Our Lord and if the doubt remains then it is an objective mortal sin. The Lord will destroy idolaters and those who promote idolatry if they do not repent. Miserere nostri.

  3. Dear All, I am an Orthodox bishop, specifically exarch bishop of the Croatian Orthodox Church, established and registered in 1942. I am a member of the so called Old Calendar Movement in Eastern Orthodxy, which is a resistance movement against the introduction of the Catholic calendar into Orthodoxy in 1924. This is all important information so you know who is writing this post. As a member of the Old Calendar Movement and as a secretary of the Holy Synod of the Croatian Orthodox Church, I know very well Gregory (George), the Archbishop of Denver of the Genuine Orthodox Church of America. Why is this of any relevance to the matter at hand? Well, the person of Ambrose Moran the Eastern Orthodox Archbishop of New York is well known in our circles. He has sevral stories of who he is and how he got to be where he is today. While not wanting to go into detail, and please take this for what it is worth (you will certainly apply Traditionalist Roman Catholic optics to this post), whoever did or did not ordain Archbishop Ambrose before he came under the jurisdiction of Archbishop Gregory is no longer relevant, on account Archbishop Gregory performed the Eastern Orthodox rite of chierothesia on Archbishop Ambrose in October 2007. In kindness I will explain what the rite of chierothesia is for those that are not so well versed in Eastern Orthodoxy. It is very common that Eastern Orthodox jurisdictions that are not in communion with the jurisdiction that (allegedly, supposedly) ordained a clergyman (diakon, presbyter, episkopos) when accepting such a clergyman want to make absolutely sure the clergyman has valid Holy Orders. As there is a danger there truly was a transmitting of Holy Orders into the soul of the clergyman in question, we do not perform a chirotonia (rite of ordination), but chirothesia (rite correction of Holy Orders). It is not very different than ordination itself, except the prayers sung during the laying on of hands are more along the lines "Oh Holy Spirit, correct the diakonate, presbyteriate and episkopate of this humble servant o yours kneeling before your holy altar, and we beseech you now on behalf of the Church to heal and cure all that may be wrong with his Holy Orders so he may now serve your Church as a BISHOP") and lessalong the lines "the Church, in intention to do what she has always done, prays that the Holy Spirit make you, now, oh most devout PRESBYTER, a BISHOP of the Church to preach and teach the Gospel, and to ordain men to serve in the Church." Now, the point is this: no matter the (potential) flaws in the trnasmission of the Holy Orders preceding the rite of chirothesia, once chirothesia is performed, the man is the (diakon / presbyter / bishop) depending on which specific Holy Orders were corrrected. The rite is, in its purpose, for all practical intents, absolutely comparable to the Roman Catholic rite of consecration / ordination "sub-conditione". I even think when the West performed sub-conditione in their dioceses in the first millenium (on all kinds of schismatics, for example), we performed chirothesia in the same situations, and it was always considered to be a Eastern Rite version of the same...

  4. ...anyways, we checked, and in 2007 Archbishop Gregory performed chirothesia on Archbishop Ambrose, all the way up to episkopate (inclusive), including the immediate elevation to the rank of Archbishop and installation on the archiepiscopal throne of New York. So, the point is this: if you are interested in whether Archbishop Ambrose is a layman or bishop or at least a priest in valid apostolic succession, then as of October 2007 he certainly is. I saw the pictures from the rite of chirothesia, everything is legit in there, and Archbishop Gregory is known in our circles (Old Calendar Movement) to be an inflexible stickler for rules and rites. As to the apostolic succession passed on Archbishop Moran in the rite of chirothesia from the hands of Archbishop Gregory, it is this: Gregory (Abu Assal) was consecrated to episcopate on 19 December 2001 by Valentine (Rusantsov) the ROCOR Metropolitan of Suzdal, Theodore (Gineyevsky) the ROCOR Archbishop of Otrada and Anthony (no second name in our archives, sorry) the ROCOR Archbishop of Yaransk. On May 30, 2004, the Holy Synod of the Russian Orthodox Autonomous Church (one of the several splinters into which ROCOR fell apart) elevated +Gregory to Archbishop of Colorado. The apostolic succession of the main consecrator of Archbishop Gregory is well known (public record): Valentine Rusantsov the ROCOR Metropolitan of Suzdal was consecrated to episcopate on 10 February 1991 in the church of St Job the Much-Suffering in Brussels (Belgium) by Mark (Arndt) the ROCOR Archbishop of Berlin, Anthony (Bartoshevich) the ROCOR Archbishop of Geneva, Barnabas (Prokofiev) the ROCOR Bishop of Cannes, and Gregory (Grabbe) the ROCOR Bishop of Washington and Chancellor of ROCOR. ROCOR = Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia. All these well-known ROCOR bishops are easy to google, all of them ar in the apostolic line of St. Vladimir Bogoyavlenskiy the Metropolitan of Moscow of the Russian Orthodox Church (the martyr bishop tortured and killed by the Communists in Russia, which started the diaspora of the Russian bishops). If anyone has any questions as to this matter or matter related hereto, I will be glad to assist. May the Most Holy Virgin keep you all safe. In Christ, +Gavrilo (Milan Gavrilo Kucera)