Friday, October 30, 2015

Day Seven: Note to Self

There are certain things that are best suited for those with the tools and the talent. Plumbing is not one of my specialties, so I call a plumber when the need arises. The same thing applies with construction, electrical work or brain surgery.

I have spent a ton of time on the kitchen this week. I have made most of the food served to the priests, seminarians and others here. I am cooking for at least 15 people at each meal. There are plenty of mouths to feed, for sure.

With so much time in the kitchen, it is difficult to find enough time to do more research on the validity of Bishop Ambrose's ordination as priest. I did spend some time, however, with the documents.
The Eparchy of Toronto sent two documents; the ordination certificate and the letter of incardination (not indoctrination) into the Eparchy. This Eparchy is Ukrainian Catholic, and is in communion with Rome.  

The photos available offer more support for the validity of these documents.
It is clearer that Bishop Ambrose was ordained a priest, and that the Eparchy of Toronto has confirmed this to be the case.
There is, of course, more information about the ordination, and there are eye witnesses, according to those who have done this research.

I hope this information will soon be released publicly, to those who, like the Apostle Thomas, needed proof for themselves. Doubt is a difficult thing to overcome, especially with all the stories floating around the internet about the man who claims to be a bishop.

I had my doubts about his ordination at first. The Eparchy's archives offer credence to Ambrose's claims that he is a Catholic priest.

His consecration is my next target of inquiry. That will have to wait for another day.

The first week in Boston is over. It has been an interesting experience. I have cooked, cleaned, and assisted the seminarians in various ways. I am currently caring for one of the seminarians who fell ill earlier today. I hope no one else gets sick, but it is that time of year, and if one gets sick, there's a good chance others will, too.

I should dust off the old chicken soup recipe, just in case.


  1. What has Fr Chazal have to say about Ambrose? A month and a half ago he told an Australian audience that he was going to look into this matter. Hello?
    Best dish to be served to all MC members is scalding hot potatoes!

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  3. I am always not surprised when someone comes forward demanding Fr. Chazal speak up. Where have they been? 24/7 in the comment section?