Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Day Four: Ambrose By Any Other Name...

The most controversial figure of the Kentucky resistance (other than Pablo) arrived late the other night. Bishop Ambrose arrived too late to do anything with the seminarians. Today, he spoke after Mass, which was offered by Father Hewko. He spoke later, after lunch and dinner, and attended the office.

There are many things which may be said of this individual. He easily fits on with the seminarians, and is able to carry a conversation with a measure of wit. He carries the manners and dignity of his office quite deftly.

There have been many concerns and questions as to the validity of his consecration. Many have questioned his veracity.

This uncertainty reflected in my apprehension to greet him as one would normally greet a bishop.

This subject requires further study and reflection. As a man, he seems to be quite amiable, based on the limited experience I have had so far. When Father Pfeiffer returns, I hope I can get a clearer picture, and some evidence for my own personal edification.

That is, if I can make my way out of the kitchen for some time to get these much-needed answers. The food has been a joy to prepare, and the seminarians have seemed to enjoy the change of pace.

Today was chicken Alfredo (rotini, not fettuccine) for lunch and pork ribs and tomato rice soup for dinner. Of course, salad and desserts as well for each meal.

I had to improvise a few meatless dishes. Apparently, Bishop Ambrose does not eat meat. It has to do with the monastic diet, if memory serves. Looks like I'll be cooking some fish tomorrow.

I can smell it already.


  1. I have supported the seminary since it's inception, both with donations and daily prayers. Here is a question I really want answered from the 'horse's mouth' . Please ask this question of the Frs on my behalf: Did Fr Pfeiffer hire a professional private detective to investigate Ambrose's past and claims? Have he and Fr Hewko been presented with (and therefore discounted as inconsequential) all the discoveries posted on CI by it's members? I am dubious as to whether you will give a meaningful reply to this question, if any. I intend to post it on CI as well so as to be certain it has come to your attention. Thank you.

    1. I will ask Father, and I will provide an answer as soon as I can. God bless.