Friday, October 23, 2015

Some Thoughts on the Seminary

This will be the seventh or eighth time I have gone to the seminary in the last two years. Unlike the other times, this one will be documented thoroughly, and I hope to have your questions and comments, dear readers, as I work my way through this current stay in Boston.

There has been a lot of talk lately on the state of the seminary. Some of these stories are true, others are partly true, and a few are false. Many people have concerns, and many of them are understandable, given the situation.

What I advise in this case is an open mind, and plenty of charity for those involved.

While I am at the seminary, I encourage you, my readers, to ask questions, offer any comments or suggestions, or concerns, and either post them here or email them to me. There are many things that can be cleared up with a little more information, and it is always better to ask than to assume.

As they used to say at RadioShack, "You've got questions? We've got answers!"


  1. Were all your expenses paid by the seminary on all these seven or eight trips?

    1. No. I have paid for most of the flights, with the exception of two of them. I also have paid for other expenses as well on these trips.

    2. Well you obviously haven't reached the Paid Slave category where all expenses are covered but total loyalty unquestionably expected 24x7x365