Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Day Eleven: Dumb It Down

There are times when something can be too complex for its own good. The situation with Bishop Ambrose is such a case.
Because of the many voices online and around the world, Father Pfeiffer had a discussion with the seminarians. I attended this discussion, and recorded it.

I hope to post it soon.

It seems that Ambrose contacted Father first. Pablo did not find this Bishop, as some have said.

Father mentioned a few reasons for their acceptance of Bishop Ambrose's ordination and consecration: paperwork, photos and eyewitnesses. This investigation has gone on for five months before Ambrose was allowed to say Mass  in Kentucky.

He was allowed to say Mass because they accepted the evidence to show he was a priest and a Bishop.

Father answered questions from the seminarians as well, and all this is on my recording, which I would like to share with all soon. Upload speeds aren't exactly the greatest out here in the middle of nowhere, and since it was recorded as an audio file, I'll have to convert it first before putting it on YouTube, unless someone has a better idea for distribution of the recording.

Father will release a statement soon, regarding this matter. I suppose it is better late than never, as silence is not always the best policy.

It is a complex situation, one which could have been handled better, in many ways. I hope that all will work out for God's greater glory, whatever that outcome might be.

And in case you were wondering, the seminarians had deli style sandwiches for lunch, and from scratch Potato Cheese soup for dinner. Tomorrow is Lasagna, as we continue our thirty days in the seminary kitchen...

It's the pits. 


  1. I would agree that Pablo did not contact Ambrose. Fr Pfeiffer always takes the lead, as far as I have known. He also likes to collect Pablos/Pauls wherever he lays his biretta.

    What is the present relationship between Fr Pfeiffer and the Bishops Williamson and Faure? Much is being made on pro Pfeiffer forums about Williamson's remarks on the New Mass to that emotional woman in Canada. I personally believe that Bishop Williamson was set-up by his enemies in the Resistance. Which Traditionalist would bother about the New Mass FORTY SIX YEARS after its introduction? Why doesnt that woman go and cry before her Novus Ordo bishop asking if she can attend SSPX Latin Masses in between her Novus Ordo ones?.

    Pfeiffer is a devotee of Sun Tsu's The Art of War. But if you brandish your sword recklessly, you might impale yourself on it.

  2. I also would like to know the reason for not involving the 2 resistance bishops in this investigation. Is Ambrose, if proven valid, not to be a resistance bishop, but rather Kentucky's private bishop?You would think that bishops Williamson and Faure would have called Ambrose to England to be interviewed and to study his documents. Uncovering a hitherto unknown valid traditional Catholic bishop would be cause for much joy and thanksgiving in this crisis- and that alone would be quite a feather in Fr Pfeiffer's cap. If he is for real, then the rest of the resistance priests and bishops should rejoice. Why aren't they rejoicing?

  3. Is it possible for this to be any dumber?

  4. "In case you were wondering..." Um, actually, no, we really couldn't care less about what the seminarians eat.