Thursday, November 5, 2015

Day Thirteen: Highs and Lows

Day thirteen brought with it the highs and lows of living in Boston, Kentucky.

The highs were in the mid seventies and the lows were in the mid sixties. Overall, it was a pleasant day, weatherwise.

I was able to sit in a few more classes. The schedule is much better than during my time at the seminary. Unlike previous years, seminarians can count on the schedule being upheld and adhered to. I sat in on Latin in the morning, and a lecture by Father Pfeiffer regarding geocentrism in the afternoon.

The access to daily Mass is a large improvement over the first two years. Seminarians once missed many Masses, due to the Fathers going on mission runs. This lack of spiritual stability and reduced support affected many of the seminarians, and has been a source of contention for many. I hope that these seminarians do not have to miss Mass as did their predecessors. Consistency is key to proper priestly formation.

Since I have assumed kitchen duties, Pablo has been able to spend more time away from the seminary, to focus more time on family, and for his ailing son. This is a good blessing for his family, and especially for Pablo.

God willing, I can help Pablo take even more time off to focus on what matters most. I can recall him running from place to place, and task to task, to get things done for the seminary and for the seminarians. He would cook, clean, arrange the websites, answer phone calls, do paperwork and more. He no longer has to cook or go grocery shopping, or run petty errands, not while I am here.

And if he needs to take off for weeks or even months, I hope I can replace him entirely. Everyone can use some time off once in a while.

Father Pfeiffer has asked me to consider being a brother. It is a possibility I must consider carefully, and spend much time in prayer and sacrifice. God is good, and He has a plan for each of us. I will follow the advice of Saint Padre Pio, "pray, hope and do not worry."

God bless and please pray for me.

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