Sunday, November 8, 2015

Day Sixteen: Sunday Best

All is quiet on the western front. The seminary, at the eye of the storm, continued its normal Sunday routine; high mass, followed by donuts and coffee. Father Hewko's sermon was direct and clear, regarding the situation with Ambrose and other matters.

The announcement from Boston does not surprise me. It may have been the best decision they can make on the matter. There were many things brought up after that first Mass, by so many people, that it became clear that further research was necessary. The doctored photograph of Cardinal Slipjy is a good example of these discrepancies.

It would have been great if Bishop Ambrose's claims were fully verifiable, and everything checked out, without a shadow of a doubt. He seemed like a very amiable figure, and he had a decent amount of patience and understanding of people. If someday, these discrepancies can be accounted for, he would make a good addition to the resistance. It may never happen, though. Only God knows for certain.

As one modern philosopher once said, "You can't always get what you want."

After Mass, Father gave a short catechism, which I did not attend. I needed to help prepare for Father's trip to Nashville, so he could offer the Mass to the faithful roughly two and a half hours south of Boston.

My time is half done. I hope to cover more of the schedule and classes this week. Until then, God bless and please keep this seminary in your prayers.

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