Friday, November 13, 2015

Day Twenty-One: Silence

The seminary was relatively quiet today. The day proceeded as it should, without incident, and no animal sacrifices or curses. Maybe Pablo's wand broke, or he could have misplaced his voodoo dolls, or the chickens aren't good enough for the gods and goddesses.

In fact, the seminary has been fairly stable since I've been here. Writing about the events of the seminary is like being a weatherman in San Diego.

"Today is sunny and pleasant. Our five day forecast calls for more sun..."

Other than the whole Ambrose fiasco, there hasn't been much of note to write home about. The seminary is fully operational. The seminarians are in good spirits. They work well as individuals and as a group. The kitchen is running smoothly, and the seminary is getting much needed maintenance.

Some generous people donated a freezer and a ton of meats. It's all good stuff, and I look forward to seeing what is included in the meat selections.

All is quiet. All have gone to bed, to get enough sleep for tomorrow. Today was uneventful. We'll have to wait and see what tomorrow's weather will bring.

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  1. The nicest things about this blog are in fact the back up poems posted on a daily basis by Croixalist on Cathinfo. Here's the one for today:

    On his twenty-first day at Boston, Manuel did send to me...

    Twenty-one crumbs in a fudge tray!
    Twenty twitching eyelids,
    Nineteen nervous gnashers,
    Eighteen failed exorcisms,
    Seventeen sordid scandals,
    Sixteen shortchanged students,
    Fifteen fractious confreres,
    Fourteen faked photo albums,
    Thirteen thwarted theories,
    Twelve devils delving,
    Eleven Pablos preaching,
    Ten leaps of logic,
    Nine loan sharks leering,
    Eight minds a-melting,
    Seven shills a-shilling,
    Six priests vacating,
    Five folding chairs!
    Four scolding words,
    Three henchmen,
    Two troubled tweets,
    and a Pfeiffer in a fig tree!