Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Day Twenty-Six: The Mexican

All of the issues that the seminary has faced in its short history, none compare to the many situations and complaints that revolve around Pablo the Mexican.

The very name can elicit strong responses. Many have called for his removal, citing a long list of accusations.

Some of accusations include (but are not limited to): Satanism, animal sacrifices, witchcraft, curses and spells, mafia and freemasonic connections, manipulation, deception, violence, pornography and more. The list seems to grow daily. I could spend a few months analysing all the individual complaints.

Any of these accusations, of proved true, would be enough to warrant Pablo's expulsion from Boston. Making accusations is one thing, proving them is another.

All I can say for certain is what I have witnessed in the last 26 days. So far, I have not seen or heard any evidence of Satanism, witchcraft, animal sacrifices, curses and spells, or any other devious activities. There is no evidence of many of these claims.

It seems that many of these accusations were developed specifically to injure Pablo's reputation, or were meant to act as retribution against Pablo for real or perceived slights. These false accusations are exemplified by the claim of animal sacrifices, which has absolutely no substance, and it distorts the few facts to portray Pablo in a negative light.

I have seen and experienced Pablo's hard-headed, bossy demeanor, and he does consider himself to be a boss, or Chief in Charge, of the lay workers, volunteers and staff of the seminary. I have, on occasion, butted heads with Pablo, even during my thirty days.

While his negative personality traits have pushed people away, he has done many  beneficial things for the seminary that might not have otherwise been done. He has brought attention to the Catholic faith to those on the street, and to those he meets in daily life. Some of these have benefitted from the exposure to the Catholic faith, and have turned away from their sins, toward God and His Church. 

It begs the questions: Do the positives outweigh the negatives? Does Pablo belong in Kentucky, or should he be sent away?
I do not think Pablo is the devil, nor do I think he is a freemason or a mafia man. I see no evidence of any diabolic activities, such as animal sacrifices, or curses or witchcraft.

He is a sinner, and he is flawed, but that is true of each of us. No one on earth is perfect.

To paraphrase Charles Dickens' Christmas Carol, I believe that he has done some good, and will do some good, and I say God bless him.

Now if he can only be a less hard-headed, less bossy, more willing to listen to others, and fix some other things in his personality and situation, that would be a great improvement.

Pablo the Mexican may be a divisive character, but he is not beyond hope, nor is he the devil.

He is an imperfect man. He is also a child of God. He deserves assistance and correction in a manner that is befitting of our Catholic faith, to be treated as we ourselves wish to be treated.

Above all, charity, even for Pablo the Mexican.


  1. I have heard that Pablo is at Fr Pfeiffer's beck and call 24x7. And I KNOW that it is Fr Pfeiffer who collects his Pablos and not the other way around! This whole Pablo issue is BS!. I have personally met these Pablos and Paulitas. Best to stay far away from them. I fear that you are on your way to becoming one.

  2. God bless you for your charity and humility. It is refreshing to 'hear' a reasonable voice amongst so many howling of wolves.

  3. Thank you, Quis UtDeus and Martin for putting it so well. It is easier to point fingers, to tear down than it is to build and to acknowledge our own sinfulness. Christ is our model. May He live in each of us and be evident in our actions and in our words.