Saturday, November 7, 2015

Day Fifteen: Seminarians' Day Out.

The weekend tends to be free time for the seminarians. The schedule for these days are different from the rest of the week. 

After Mass, breakfast and Manualia, Father Hewko took the seminarians out to Louisville to visit the sick in the hospital.
They had a packed lunch at the hospital before moving on to the next item on the agenda. Some of the food was given to the homeless who stay near the hospital.

Father led the hike across the Big Four Bridge, to a chocolate and candy shop. The large group then visited two local churches. While at the first location, Father led the seminarians in singing the Salve Regina. After Father and the seminarians left, the few people who were present commented on the beauty and awe of hearing such divine music.

The caravan arrived at the seminary  shortly before dinner.

The seminarians seemed to enjoy their trek into the city. It is good to have a change of pace from their regular schedule, and to forget for a while the raging storms of controversy surrounding the seminary.

Father will have Mass at 10am tomorrow, then he drive over to Nashville for Mass there. He is taking a couple seminarians to serve Mass. It is about two and a half hours each way. It must be done, to make sure souls have access to the Mass and the sacraments.

The work of a priest never ends.


  1. It seems that there will no longer be any association by Pfeifferville with "Archbishop Ambrose". So you have been spared having to look any further into his credentials! Well, you will have some extra free time which you will surely put to good use!
    I think the collections were down due to this Ambrose episode. And there was also a chance that Fr Joey would face (hard to say if possible, given the characters involved, and where all await the Almighty Yankee Dollar! ) trouble in his Asian Dependency.
    Best of luck to you and Happy Praying and Happy Cooking!

  2. <<<>>>
    Martin Dougherty, please delete the Happy Cooking (at Pfeifferville) part of this sentence. I know Joe Pfeiffer well. Please depart Pfeifferville. In my humble opinion, only parasites, whether in soutane or lay clothes, attach themselves to this man.