Friday, November 20, 2015

Day Twenty-Eight: Al Dente

Each of the thirty days has brought new challenges, and have been rewarding in their own ways. Though most of my time has been either in the kitchen or at the supermarket, I have spent some time with the seminarians. That always seems to be a rewarding experience.

I listened to their Latin class, and heard a few of them practice the prayers of the rosary, said in the language of the Church. It is good for all Catholics to be able to accurately pronounce and understand some amount of Latin.

I watched as some of the seminarians completed their homework assignments, to write about a particular Saint and a miracle attributed to that Saint. I thought of a few saints and their miracles, and helped find some books on the library shelves, which are located just off the kitchen.

I found a replacement suit top for a first year seminarian, whose previous suit ripped in a few spots. The new top was only five dollars at Goodwill, and it was in good condition, too. God willing, he will wear it until the reception of the cassocks on February 2nd.

I hope to be here for that most solemn occasion. It will be an honor to see these new seminarians receive their cassocks.
My time is nearly over. One more weekend to go. I challenge myself to make the most out of the remaining time.

God willing, it will be a rewarding weekend for all.

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