Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Day Seventeen: Rain Delay

The cold rains finally settled in on Boston. The show must go on, rain or shine, and so the seminarians went about their regular routine, with a six am rise. 6:30 is the first office of the day. Mass is at 7:15. Breakfast starts at 8am, even if someone forgot to buy enough milk for the seminarians' cereal (mea culpa).

Classes start at 9am, with Latin being the early class. By this time, I am usually busy either preparing lunch, or going to town for extra food or supplies, such as milk, or running errands, which I also needed to do.
Sextus is at 12:15, and lunch is at 12:30. After lunch, I begin dinner, and seminarians have a little free time before ore classes and Manualia.

The rains and the cold weather influenced  the decision to have indoor Manualia. There's plenty to do around the house, so to speak.

Rosary precedes the 6pm dinner, and recreation and study time precede the 9pm Compline. 

We have arrived at the end of the day. The rains have ceased, but the weather is damp, and the cold remains as a precursor of an uncertain winter.

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