Wednesday, November 25, 2015


My thirty days are over, but the work is still underway.

I must consider my next steps, and what must happen in the coming months. I learned much from my time in Boston, and I had the blessed opportunity to get acquainted with a fine group of seminarians. These seminarians require much in order for them to continue their studies; food, supplies, support and spiritual instruction. While all the pieces are present for the year to succeed, I have a few, important recommendations to seal that deal, and make the seminary in Boston an unquestionable success.

The first two years in Boston were too often insufficient for the positive instruction of the seminarians. Fathers Pfeiffer and Hewko traveled to the many mission sites, leaving the seminary under the care of a layman for as much as 20% of the school year, or one out of every five days. This year has seen improvement in this area. The seminary has gone without either priest for only three days in the last 30. That is one for every ten days.

The schedule for the mission runs has improved, which means that there will be a priest onsite for at least nine out of every ten days, and perhaps for even more than that. This will improve the spiritual core of the seminary, and add to the level of consistency which has been improved greatly this year.

The head seminarian has taken many responsibilities that were left previously to Pablo, who will be answering to the head seminarian on seminary matters, rather than the reverse. This head seminarian is a most welcome addition to Boston, and a great assistant to the priests. He can also help fill in the gaps, in case the seminary is left without a priest onsite for a day or two. He can round up the seminarians, and help keep them on task, as given by the Fathers.

There is more work to do, and more changes to make. By the grace of God, this seminary will survive, and will produce more priests and religious.

Thank you all for your efforts, your comments and questions and for your time. God bless you all, and please pray for our seminarians.

Above all, charity.

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  1. Would you kindly post some items you found the seminarians are in need of? With Christmas approaching, perhaps it would be a good time to help either with needed necessities or creature comforts (which always boost morale during raging storms!)
    Thank you.
    Beth Cline