Sunday, November 8, 2015

Father Hewko's Sermon for Sunday


  1. Father's sermon speaks for itself. There is nothing hidden, nothing malicious. It is honest, straight forward and clear. Thank you for including it. He is a true and holy priest, As is Father Pfeiffer. May God bless our Resistance priests, seminarians, and brothers.

  2. Fr. Hewko slams those who did the investigation and exposed this "Ambrose Moran", and then says he and Fr. Pfeiffer will have nothing to do with him, and then gives no explanation as to why not. And then he promotes Eric Gajewski. Mega Facepalm.

    1. He does not slam those who did the investigation, but those who use the investigation as an opportunity to attack others, to throw stones of calumny and libel, to defame others unjustly, rather than letting the evidence speak for itself. It could have been a good example of Catholic faithful uncovering a huckster and preventing further damage. Instead, it degenerated into the situation we are faced with now. It could have been handled better by both sides. It can still be handled better.