Thursday, November 12, 2015

Day Twenty: BroInfo

There is always plenty to do around the Boston seminary. Chores, errands, odd jobs and more eat away at the time of day. These are the roles of the brother, the jack of all trades. 

Things must continue to operate, and so more man power is needed.

What they have is me.

I am not skilled in many, or any, of the types of jobs the seminary requires of a brother. I do not know much about construction, plumbing or electrical. I can whip up a lunch or dinner, and the occasional breakfast, but I have no experience with pipefitting, or break adjustments, or dry wall installation.

I am under equipped to handle many of these things. With so many deficiencies, I wonder why Father Pfeiffer would want me as a brother. I am not all that useful.

More discernment is needed. 

I have been here for twenty days. I have talked at length with the seminarians. They are a good group, and I can see them developing into excellent, potential priests.

The head seminarian is well-organized, and is in charge of many responsibilities. He delegates well (even to Pablo, who agreed to submit to the head seminarian), and adapts his plans when things need to be changed, or when the need arises.

Quality leadership and consistency are very important to the morale of the seminarians, and the defense of their vocations. Without these two important elements, the seminary would fall apart, and vocations would be lost, as some have been already.

I suppose that is part of the development process.

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