Sunday, November 22, 2015

Day Thirty: The Divine Comedy

This is my last, full day in the seminary at Boston, Kentucky.

I leave tomorrow, before noon. I have enough time to start one more meal before I leave for the airport, and say my farewells to the seminarians. They are a good group, and I pray that they continue to do well.
There was no Mass today. Father Hewko planned to say Mass at 1830, but a flight problem put an end to those plans. God willing, Father will return tomorrow, safe and sound.

I was hoping to speak with Father before my departure. It seems that this will not happen.

As I wrap up my thirty days, I must analyze my time, and from this analysis, determine the effectiveness of my extended stay. I have heard from a few people that my writings have been used to attack both Fathers Pfeiffer and Hewko. Although I have not seen any evidence to this effect, I hope that this is not the case.

I am not here to demean or attack anyone, nor do I wish to assist in any type of character assassination.

I hope my blog has been in some way edifying, enlightening and entertaining. I hope that I have been able to answer some questions, and that I have been able to disprove certain rumors and speculation regarding the seminary.

I will continue to pray for all those who strive to make OLMC the best possible seminary, and that the seminary may always do the will of God in all things.

Above all, charity.


  1. Your blog was massaged by Sun Tsu. No doubt in my mind about it. You sounded very much like the late Michael Davies (RIP). Lots of spin, but no conclusion.
    Anyway, you did help feed hungry souls and assist in other chores. This must have been a blessing to everyone. But is OLMC really a seminary?. Yes, its what we must expect in this time of chaos. What I know of the Opus Dei is that men with professional qualifications who aspire to the priesthood are given a year or two seminary training and are then ordained. This whole Ambrose affair could have been diffused from day one if he went through a conditional ordination and consecration.

  2. Really enjoyed your blog.
    God bless you for the good you have done.